Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Comet Lulin again, this time with focus on the Comet and because of its velocity through our solar system, the multiple subpictures stacked here are rubbing out the background stars in the constellation Leo.

The Comet Lulin, Regulus and a satellite

The Comet Lulin here passing through Leo contellation with Regulus in the upper part of the picture. Also a satellite is passing.

Friday, February 27, 2009

A close up picture of the comet Lulin Feb 26 - 2009

The comet Lulin was jointly discovered by Asian astronomers in July of 2007. It is probably the first time the comet visits our solar system and will most likely never come back, or at least not in thousands of years. Lulin was closest to Earth on Feb 24. We will still be able to see the comet through March and may be April. Comets normally consist of dirty snow/ice and dust. Being close to the Sun the experts have calculated a water dissipation of 400 l per second! The comet actually travels opostit direction of the planets and therefore are moving fast against background stars viewed from Earth.