Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Messier 58-59-60 and many more Galaxies

This image shows 10 galaxies I identified in the constellation Virgo. By a closer look there are even many more there, but you need a magnified view to see them.
From left to right across the picture are:M60 (elliptic galaxy)at 55MLY with its companion NGC4647, lower in the image NGC4667, M59 (elliptic galaxy) 60 MLY, high up NGC4606 and NGC4607, M58 (spiral galaxy) at 68 MLY, lower - The Siamese Twins NGC4568 and NGC4567, finally a little higher up NGC4564. All NGCs are galaxies. In M60 there is a Black Hole with 3.4 billions solar masses.
15 subs each 9 min, ISO800 with Canon 40D using C80ED, guided. Not ideal conditions, no real dark skies here in May.

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