Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The center of the Nebula NGC 281 in Cassiopeia - The Pacman Nebula

The NGC 281 Nebula in Casseopeia - The Pacman Nebula, is quite hard to get. The field of view in my picture does not quite cover the whole nebula. I will have to come back on the target with larger field of view using my refractor later.

The Nebual is about 10 kLY from us and IC 1590 in the center is an open cluster of stars. It is believed to be a Nebula with star formation.

Telescope Celestron CPC 11, 2800 mm, f10 with Canon 40D modified, guided with Stellarvue 200 mm, f4 and Neximage.

5x10 min ISO 1600.

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