Friday, January 8, 2010

The Christmas Tree and the Cone Nebula - NGC2264

The Christmas Tree Nebula (upside down) including the Cone Nebula at the bottom is in constallation Monoceros. The top of the Cone Nebula has a bright star forming the christmas tree top. The bright bluee and red nebula in the middle of tht picture is the Foxfur nebula. About 2600 LY from us.
Celestron 80ED refractor, 600mm at f7,5 piggy back on CPC1100, Canon 40D modified with Ha, Oiii filter.ISO 1600, 9x10min Ha, 6x10min Oiii, 6x10min RGB.
Adjusted in MaximDL and Photshop.
No darks and flats. A cold night at minus 22 DegrC.
Guided with Stellarvue 200mm, f4 and NexImage videocamera using MaxImDL

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