Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The M109 Galaxy in Ursa Major

The Galaxy Messier 109, NGC3992 is a fine barred spiral galaxy in Ursa Major with Mag10,6 (13200 x fainter than Vega). It is about 46 MLY away from us. The faint galaxy to the left is UGC06969 (Mag15.4 - 132xfainter than M109) and the other one below the M109 is UGC06940(Mag16.7 - 275xfainter than M109). If you look even more carefully there are at least two more faint galaxies in the image.
The image is a result from a frustrating night with guiding problems. CPC 1100, 2240 mm, f 8 (WO 0.8 Reducer/Flattner) and Canon 40D modified. 7x10 min at ISO1600, guided, flats, darks.

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